September 7, 2011

Bountiful Bodega Bay Farmers Market!

The first annual Bodega Bay Farmer's Market was a big hit! 14 vendors set up tables and some vendors were surprised how quickly they sold out! It was an opportunity for locals and visitors to connect and shop. A great community event!

Every Sunday at the Bodega Bay Community Center, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm until October 30th, 2255 North Highway One, Bodega Bay, CA. The event offers fresh produce, meat, eggs, live music, food concessions, and more.

Call (707) 377-4151 for more information. 

Michael Bundy, BBCA Board Member & Sue, manning the BBCA membership table

Family fun!

Susan Brady & Sister-in-law, Misty of Freestone Ranch

Susan & Misty with another ranch hand due soon!

Susan Brady is ranch manager, along with her two sons, Justin & Jacob, at beautiful Freestone Ranch  phone: 707.876.4610 website:

Freestone Ranch is nestled in a beautiful valley between the town of Freestone and Valley Ford. The Ranch offers Grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and eggs for sale. They also offer tours of the ranch by appointment.

Beautiful fresh produce

Headed home with romaine and kale!

Carson Hunter & Jen Larsen, owners, Carson's Catch

My husband bought a piece of 'Carson's Catch' smoked salmon. He said, "this is the best tasting smoked salmon I've ever eaten; moist without being too 'wet', flavorful but not overwhelming . . . a perfect balance."

Wild caught, flash frozen, Alaskan salmon

Carson't Catch ~ phone: 707.217.8842

Published in 'Outside' magazine

Hydrosols and massage candles

a gift from my husband

Sara (and son) with veggies, wool from Bodega sheep, and flowers all from Bodega Pastures

Jams, jellies and jewelry

Skin Rituals by Christel Runyan ~ natural & organic skin care & cosmeceuticals

Christel is a licensed esthetician located in Bodega Bay ~ phone: 707.377.4151

'Buzz Saw' livened up the day with great music

A bumper sticker I can appreciate . . .

Thank you to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to bring this farmer's market to our Bodega Bay community!


  1. HI... we are volunteer coordinators and thankyou for tposting this blog. I just wanted to make one correction. The Farmers Market will continue through to October 30, 2011 ( not Oct 1). So rise and shine on Sunday mornings and make it a part of your day!

  2. You are very welcome Christel! Thank you for all of your effort to bring the Farmers Market to our Bodega Bay community. The photos turned out pretty rough (what's up with that?!) but they capture the enjoyment of the day.

  3. What is the name of the company that has the Hydrosols and massage candles? Thank you!

  4. Leah,

    The name of the company you inquired about is 'Hydrosouls'


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