November 17, 2011

Sounds of Hope . . .

Asante Children's Choir is back in Sonoma County! They will be singing and performing at the Bodega Bay Church on Bay View Street in Bodega Bay, this Sunday, November 20th at 10:00 am.  Don't miss this opportunity to watch and listen to this amazing group of children from East Africa. Make a day of it, come out to watch Asante and then out to Bodega Head for whale watching!


From their Facebook page:

Music genre:  African/Christian/Cultural/Rap
Hometown: East Africa

The East African region has overcome incredible challenges to be where it is today. Now 24 children are traveling the world telling this story.The Asante Children’s choir is made up 24 very talented children ages 9-12 . Most of the children in the choir are orphans. Some come from homes devastated by HIV/AIDS. The choir presentations are a great source of healing and encouragement for the children. The children perform in churches, schools, and other public places raising awareness about the issues that Africa faces today and giving thanks for the great steps that have been made.
Current Location
East Africa
Asante Children's choir at Doran Beach 2010 ~ photos by Darris Nelson

Pastor Pat with Asante children

Enjoy the music, the energy, the beauty of hope and love . . . come to Bodega Bay Church on Sunday, November 20th and celebrate life with the Asante Children's Choir!