June 21, 2013

Summer solstice . . .

Summer solstice officially began at 10:04 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time June 20th this year. Robert Bigelow at Clark Planetarium writes, "While the solstice is commonly called the longest day of the year, it is not the date of earliest sunrise or latest sunset. The earliest sunrise occurs about a week before the solstice and the latest sunset about a week after. This results from a combination of Earth’s changing speed as it orbits the Sun and the tilt of its axis."

Kenai Penninsula, Alaska June 2003 . . .

2003 Net setting for salmon feast ~ Kasilof, Alaska

Removing salmon from the net

Horrified by the carnage, my 7 year-old son looks away as salmon are removed and clubbed

Cousin Lauri filets salmon for salmon sushi

2003 Summer solstice party ~ drumming circle

Fire finally dying down at about 4 a.m.

Rapidly receding glacier

Cousin Lauri and my son ~ Summer 2003

Bunkhouse accommodations ~ Hesketh Island on Kachemak Bay, Alaska

Winding down by the fire ~ Hesketh Island

Ten days of Alaskan adventure with my cousin Lauri and her life partner, Greg. Memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Wish we were there  .  .  .

Note: If you've always wanted to experience wild Alaska at it's finest, check out Porter's Alaskan Adventures.

These photos were taken with a 2 mega-pixel, point and shoot 10 years ago. I suppose I shouldn't complain about my little upgrade anymore.

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