October 15, 2011

The End of Summer . . .

Some things I'll miss, some things I won't . . .

Godwits and gulls

Red tide

Sea weed, horses, crowds and summer fog

Forgotten dog poop bags

Summer beach weddings

Hillbilly horseshoes (played with big washers)

and fun guys who make me laugh . . .

Summer beach trash

Leaving gifts of firewood for campers

Dogs and their people


Polite dogs (and their people)

Driftwood sculptures

Bright summer night beach walks

Brilliant sunsets


and their people . . . Skansen Llama Farm (www.skansen.com)

Meeting new friends ~ 'Surfrider' beach clean up with (awesome!) AMEC crew

Bodega Bay Farmers Market ~ Daniel Byerbri, Owner, Byerbri Olive Oil (outstanding olive oil!)


'Sunny' and her boy

1998 ~ 2011


  1. last photo of cat ... made me cry...I never even met your cat,,, don't why i started to cry. Great photos. Take me sometime and teach me how to use a camera!

  2. Thank you Christel. I would guess that you cry because you are empathetic. Sometimes it's good to cry.
    Sunny was the sweetest most loving girl and we miss her terribly. She taught my son good cat manners and compassion and so much more. We loved her very much. Seeing her photos makes me cry too.
    I am still learning about my camera and photography ~ a true novice but would love to go for a beach walk and shoot some photos with you!


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