August 24, 2012

Diesel spill off Doran Beach, Bodega Bay

By Darris Nelson

Short post for now ~

When I arrived on the South East end of Doran Beach at about noon today I was met by a park ranger posting warning signs. Apparently a commercial fishing boat out of Fort Brag broke up on the rock near Pinnacle Rock last night. The vessel's owner was the only person aboard and he swam to safety. 

Please stay away from the area and do not let dogs swim in the water. The diesel fumes are very strong and had me dizzy as I was performing my monthly marine debris collection and data tracking today.

 By Darris Nelson

There are officials that are planning some sort of clean up effort. 

I will post more photos and information when I have time later this evening.


  1. Too bad about the diesel spill. Always so bad for the environment when these things happen. Hope they are able to clean up your beautiful shoreline.

  2. Thanks Cathy. As it turned out everyone threw up their hands about this one . . . NOAA did come through with a grant to haul away the hull by helicopter. The rest of the boat wreck was hauled away by a group of about 30 volunteers. Bodega Bay Fire Department donated a truck and ATV and a few good men to help as well. Although we got it all of the beach in one day, me and my husband are still hauling 'Sea Biscuit' debris off the beach. The diesel was never contained. It's heartbreaking to think about the volume of toxins that are spilled and dumped into our oceans.

    I will post photos at some point. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate you taking a look. AND thank you for your good work and information.

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