February 24, 2011

Hiking Alone . . .

Today I hiked alone in the rain . . . it was heavenly. My husband drove me to the beach and read the newspaper in the car while I geared up and took to the trail in the rain. It's not all that often I care to hike  alone anymore but I enjoyed having the trail all to myself today. With a panoramic view of the ocean and nothing to distract my thoughts, I took it all in and loved every bit of time to myself. I wasn't completely alone though, there were two egrets and a great blue heron watching my every move. I also had the tiny beach to myself where I gathered a few treasures. The two green 'beads' are from an air soft gun. At the height of the air soft gun frenzy the beaches were covered with these tiny plastic pellets. I found these scattered all over the parking lot today.


  1. That looks absolutely beautiful and I am really jealous writing from a part of the Midwest where it is either absolutely freezing or swamplike, usually with the added bonus of some air pollution.

    I was born in the county of Devon SW England and my hometown could have been set in that scene - very similar.

    Anyway back to reality and kudos to you for attempting to keep the beach clean - pity that you have to though.

  2. Hi Steve!

    I know of Devon . . . not been there (yet) but LOVE England! England is a very beautiful country . . . can't wait to go back.

    A dear friend of mine lives in the Midwest. I've been back a couple of times but the humidity is tough on me. I'm trying to entice her to come out for a visit with my photos . . .

    It disturbs me to no end how thoughtless people can be about leaving their garbage behind. Typically there isn't a huge trash problem but after nice weekends it can be quite the ugly scene. I do what I can . . .

    Thank you for visiting my blog and posting a comment.


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