April 6, 2011

Pigs Run Wild on Bodega Highway . . . .

yep . . . pigs . . .

What else could I do?  I watched in horror as two small pigs ran frantically back and forth across Bodega Highway just outside the town of Bodega. Drivers rushing to get to the beach or home are flying at freeway speeds and two little pigs running nowhere safe. I had to stop.

Dan and Rachel, angels from Boston

What in the heck did I think I was going to do? I had no idea how to catch a pig. Thank goodness for Rachel and Dan, visiting from Boston. They drove by as I was herding the swine duo away from traffic and certain death. Actually, several people stopped to assist and then seeing it looked hopeless, headed out. But Dan and Rachel stuck it out. I love these people!

they'll never believe this back home . . .

Rachel offering her only granola bar

The pigs loved Rachel's granola bar but turned their snouts up at my Trader Joe's Honey Wheat Pretzels. Who knew pigs were so particular?!
Turns out Dan and Rachel had as much experience catching pigs as I did . . . so I called the Sheriff's Department who put me in touch with CHP. Within fifteen minutes Officer Lane E. Leland arrived to the chaos created by gawkers and people trying to lend a hand. 
Officer LeLand to the rescue

There was too much going on for me to continue taking photographs . . . Officer LeLand checked with two ranches to see if the pigs belonged to their household but no luck. Several children from one of the ranches came out with two Chihuahua's. When the dogs caught site of the pigs a frenzied chase ensued. What a zoo . . . kids running everywhere, dogs all over the highway and the poor, frightened piglet. 

A gentleman from one of the ranches gave chase to the larger pig but she ran too far to keep up. The ranch hand was finally  able to grab the piglet when the dogs had run it to exhaustion and it collapsed underneath a car. When the ranch hand grabbed the pigs leg to drag him out and then held it by it's squirming round body, I was concerned that he wouldn't be able to hang on. But none of this phased this man. He slipped a dog leash over the squealing piglet's neck and carted him off.

I believe the pigs were a mama and her baby. Mama is still missing somewhere near the old Wilson School house. I hope they will be reunited at some point.

Thanks to all who stopped and tried to help. Big hugs to Rachel and Dan for stopping and taking time from their two days here to help these creatures. You two are awesome! If you're around again send me an email, I'd like to buy you a cup of tea or glass of wine.

A big thank you to Officer LeLand who took all the craziness in stride. Thanks for being out there willing to lend a hand.  

A huge thanks to the pig wrestler whose name I neglected to ask . . . you're a savior . . . .

Mama with little white baby


  1. Hi Darris! It was great meeting you last night and taking part in the "pigventure" with you :-) We're loving your little slice of coastal heaven here and look forward to grabbing a tea or glass of wine with you next time we're in these parts. We'll also be sure to keep checkin' in at Mama Loves the Beach!

    -Dan & Rachel

  2. Hey Dan & Rachel!

    Sorry about the wind, come in the Fall next trip. Have a great time in Monterey and a safe trip home!


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