April 6, 2011

'Sweet Rock' Update & Windy Spring . . .

Spring means wind at the coast. I was lulled into blissful sunshine and summer-like weather throughout much of the winter and nearly forgot about the windy Spring. 

My husband reminds me of the fresh ocean air that moves through with the wind. Nice thought honey . . . On my beach walks my hair whips in my face and sand pelts my camera. Even my cats dislike the wind and sulk around as if there were something I could do to make their life better. They howl and complain much like the coastal winds.

I'm much more tolerant of the wind since I've lived on the coast. Actually, I'm more resilient in many ways since moving here. We were very protected from wind at our wooded Freestone property. Cloistered in the surrounding trees and hills, we had no idea what went on out here in the Spring. Spring in Freestone was gentle and quiet, Spring on the coast is gusty and outspoken . . . not unlike me I suppose.


I received an email (below) from the seal guy, Phil and his wife, Jean updating me on 'Sweet Rock'.


Thanks for your continuing support of The Marine Mammal Center. I've attached a copy of our most recent Annual Report to give you an overview of our most recent activities.

Jean & I have made two trips to the Center already this week (Elephant seal weaner from Dillon Beach and a harbor seal pup from Lawson's Landing). While we were there we looked in on 'Sweet Rock'. She seems to be fattening up nicely (boy, that's a statement that would never seem flattering about a human), and is spending her days sprawled out in her pen enjoying the sun.

Phil & Jean Warren

Many thanks to Phil and Jean Warren for their tireless efforts on behalf of the seals on our Sonoma and Marin Coasts. I wish they rescued pigs as well . . .

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