March 22, 2011

I Love Cumulus Clouds . . .

Cumulus clouds . . . Wikipedia's definition:

Cumulus clouds are a type of cloud with noticeable vertical development and clearly defined edges. Cumulus means "heap" or "pile" in Latin. They are often described as "puffy" or "cotton-like" in appearance. Cumulus clouds may appear alone, in lines, or in clusters. Cumulus clouds are often precursors of other types of clouds, such as cumulonimbus, when influenced by weather factors such as instability, moisture, and temperature gradient. Cumulus clouds are part of the larger category of cumuliform clouds, which include cumulus, cumulus congestus, and cumulonimbus clouds, among others.[1] The most intense cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds may be associated with severe weatherhail, waterspouts and tornadoes.

the clouds look like caribou antlers

I was discouraged by the trash . . . 

Styrofoam breaks down into tiny molecular pieces that are ingested by sea creatures. They're difficult to pick up and to hang on to because they're so light and blow away easily.

Cheap plastic beach toys annoy me  . . . a metal pail and a garden trowel are much more interesting. When my son was little we made a ritual out of packing up his toy trucks, pails and shovels into his wagon as a gentle close to the day . . . he never liked saying "goodbye" to the beach . . . 

ditch the plastic toys and Styrofoam beach coolers

I never like leaving the beach either . . .

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