March 31, 2011

Nothin' But Blue Skies . . .

I'm thrilled to report that I spotted a red-handled steel garden trowel in the sand near these two boys. I'd like to think that people are thinking beyond plastic and it wasn't a 'grab and go' in the moment thing . . .

blue skies


When we sold our home in 2009 I searched for an alternative way to pack up and move our belongings and came across Earth Friendly Moving, now known as Rent-a-Green Box. The company had nothing in this area so we scrounged all of our cardboard boxes. I hadn't moved in 20 years and forgot how much fun it was to pack and move.  Having a wide array of box sizes, some with lids, some without, made things even more of an adventure . . . hmmmm.

waiting to be unpacked nearly 3 weeks after the move
Spencer Brown, Founder and Chief Tree Hugger of Rent-a-Green Box in Costa Mesa, Calif., mines landfills and converts consumer trash into reusable, zero-waste moving boxes.

His invention is called The Recopack and it stands for [recycled ecological packing solution]. Available in 3 sizes and delivered direct to your door on our fleet of super green eco-trucks powered by waste vegetable oil and bio-fuel.

They deliver them a week before you move and pick them up a week after giving you 2 full weeks (14 days) to pack and move. Delivery and Pickup are included in your price.

Think about all of the time and effort it takes to build all of those cardboard boxes. No handles and messing with that fussy tape. We have re-invented a better, faster, easier and cheaper way to pack and move.

"All you need to do is make one call and we’ll drop off your Recopacks on the delivery date. You pack, stack and move. When the Recopack are empty, just call us and we’ll come over to your new place and pick them up. It’s just that simple. It’s moving made simple for a Happy Planet!"


I despise Styrofoam! It's all over the beach. I have walked along the tide break and could not go more than a foot without finding tiny little beads of the stuff. Besides the beads of Styrofoam, there are chunks continually washing up from what appears to be boat 'bumpers'. I love that Spencer took an idea and went so far with every aspect of his business.

Rent-a-Green Box isn't in the Sonoma County area yet but if you're moving in the future check back, they're expanding fast. 

Take it from me if you haven't moved in a few years, beyond the wonderful feeling you get by using these zero-impact boxes, having sturdy boxes in uniform sizes that stack and all have lids without having to use tape would be blissful beyond words . . .

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