March 27, 2011

Raining On My Parade . . .

When my husband walks with me I enjoy talking with him. Today we hardly said a word. Geared up and heads curled down against the rain, we walked, mostly in silence. I didn't dare pull out my camera so I focused on the sand and listened to the waves. It was low tide and we had the beach to ourselves. We hunted for sea glass and found unusual treasures brought up by the winter seas.

We focused on picking up trash on the walk back to the car. I wasn't able to wipe my drippy nose while holding on to a bag full of trash and two plastic jugs. I was thankful we were alone and that my husband thinks I'm pretty awesome, drippy nose and all . . .

Lots of plastic straws on the beach . . . they're beginning to annoy me more than cheap plastic beach toys. 

When we eat out, my son gives me an eye rolling look as I typically request "no straws" with our water. If he saw the amount of straws that I pick up on the beach he might be a bit more tolerant of his 'eccentric' mom . . . maybe.

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